‘Town Square’ bid to save Willesden Green Library handed in to Brent Council

Martin Redston hands in documents at Brent Town Hall

Martin Redston hands in documents at Brent Town Hall - Credit: Archant

Campaigners submit evidence arguing why the area should not be built on

Campaigner want the area declared a Town Square

Campaigner want the area declared a Town Square - Credit: Archant

An attempt to register the area outside Willesden Green Library as a ‘town square’ has picked up pace after a campaigner handed in his evidence to Town Hall bosses.

Martin Redston, of campaign group Keep Willesden Green (KWG), has been collecting evidence as to why the area should be registered.

If the space is designated a town square, and there is ample evidence that it is used by the general public in such a way, it cannot be built on.

If successful, it could throw the plans for Willesden Green Cultural Centre (WGCC) into doubt.

Mr Redston told the Times: “The area agreed by Brent Council, as developable land, has been the subject of recent campaigns as residents believe, among other concerns, that a Town Square Conservation Area in front of the 1980s library should not be used at all to facilitate private housing development.”

Plans for WGCC, revealed last year, have attracted much criticism for the number of flats being given away to private developers to pay for the scheme.

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The council is set to respond to Mr Redston’s evidence next week. An inquiry will be heard next month.

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