Top 10 Albums of 2010: Kaynye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Review of The Year

If you can wend your way around the events of Kanye’s year, you will actually find at the heart of it a monumental album.

Coventry twitterer Steven Holmes, President Bush jnr and the racism claim, President Obama in a ‘jackass’ row and not to mention the Tianamen Square comparison.

Of course like everything else over the past 12 months it screams me, me, me, but who else could have produced the manic masterpiece that is All Of The Lights.

Or, for that matter, dragged Jay-Z and a host of others in for Monster and So Appalled.

Or even produced some of the bizarre instrumentation on the nine-minute plus Runaway.

Many will reject it out of hand, but as the opening goes, zip it, listen!