Time and space examines in new photography exhibition at Kensal Green’s The Intervention Gallery

The Grade I listed chapel provides a uniquely challenging space for artists to exhibit

In many ways, The Intervention Gallery is an unlikely setting for an exhibition.

It is located in a Grade I listed Victorian Anglican chapel in the heart of Kensal Green Cemetery, where no works can be hung on the walls in case it damages the building, and is closed for the winter months because of the damp and cold.

Yet these unique conditions create an interesting challenge for artists, explored in the gallery’s latest show, Continuum.

The exhibition features eight photographers who have created their own site specific installation pieces in a group of slide-shows, both analogue and digital, of differing scales, positions and durations.

The result is a fascinating show which honours the needs and spirit of the Intervention Gallery, whose fragile architecture and history must be respected.

Visitors can travel through projects at their own pace, and weave their won route, meaning that the viewer becomes part of the time-based nature of the exhibition.

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Some slide-shows will require visitors to be seated individually while others are more communal. Throughout, the sound of the analogue slide projectors provides a nostalgic soundtrack to the still - yet constantly moving - images on the walls.

Among the exhibiting artists is John Maclean, who is showing his ongoing ‘City’ project. He said: “A city built on the foundations of an inherently surreal medium that can’t help but veil, dislocate, displace and abstract.”

Confusing, yet enigmatic in their fragmentations, his images de-contextualise the elements of the urban landscape we ignore.

Internationally exhibited Gabriel Benaim’s work explores similar themes. Showing photographs from his ‘Tel Aviv at 100’ series, the artist describes his work as an ‘act of framing that transposes a commonplace object into a work of art’.

Made with a large-format camera and shot in black and white, these beautiful compositions encompass the act of encountering a city anew, daily, while searching for its soul.

Featured artists include Gabriel Benaim, Adam Brown, Judit Hettema, Stergios Karavatos, Nedim Kufi, John Maclean, Travis Shaffer and Pancho Westendarp.

Continuum: Photography, space and time, runs at The Intervention Gallery in Kensal Green Cemetery from March 12 until April 17. Entrance is free.