Three-foot long snake found in Wembley warehouse

The black milk snake was rescued from around a spade handle in the Tile Depot's warehouse in Wembley

The black milk snake was rescued from around a spade handle in the Tile Depot's warehouse in Wembley - Credit: Archant

A three-foot long snake gave unsuspecting staff a shock at a Wembley warehouse who found it wrapped around the handle of a spade.

RSCPA officers rushed to the Tile Depot in Bridgewater Road on Tuesday morning after the alarm was raised by the workers.

Depot member Carlos Soalheiro said: “Our slithering friend was here not so long ago. It was stuck in a corner and wasn’t moving. It wasn’t big or scary but I’m sure some people see a snake and s*** themselves slightly.”

Nathalie Ditchfield, an animal collection officer (ACO) for the RSPCA, said: “When I arrived at the location the snake was wrapped around the handle of a spade in the warehouse.

“I could see straight away that he was a black milk snake, which is not a harmful snake. He seemed to be used to people and was happy to be handled.

She added: “The snake was transported to RSPCA Reptile Rescue. Black milk snakes are not native to the UK, they originate from Central America so they are only ever kept here as pets here in the UK. It’s likely this little chap had escaped or was abandoned.”

An escaped reptile bought terror to Neasden in February when a neighbour called the Times claiming a snake had slithered upstairs from its home in Bermans Way into the flat of a family with a young child.

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The RSPCA searched the property but failed to locate the animal.

ACO Ditchfield continued: “The snake is now being cared for at RSPCA Reptile Rescue which is based near Brighton. He is said to be in good condition, apart from a few scuffs, and looks to be healthy and a good weight. If the snake is not claimed by the owner, the staff will look to rehome it shortly.

“An unidentified snake has to be treated as an emergency, as a matter of public health, it’s vital we get there as soon as we can to identify and contain the animal.

“Anyone with information can call us on our inspector appeal line on 0300 1234 8018.”

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