This is Harlesden arts project launched

22 youngsters describe what the are means to them

A short movie, banners and a booklet created by youngsters were celebrated last Saturday at Harlesden Library.

This is Me, This is Harlesden, is a project, that involved 22 young people aged between 14 and 21, focusing on the positive side of the area.

One group worked with a director to create a short film called This is Me and the other group worked with artists to make a booklet titled This is Harlesden.

Emma Tutton, learning officer at Brent Museum said: “It went really well. It’s a beautiful piece of work.

“For most of them it was all quite new. There was definitely an element of teaching and training during the project.

“But they were all amazingly positive. Something like photography and film making are a very good way to work with young people.”

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This is Me is a short documentary which has discussions between young people on issues such as school uniforms, fashion and identity.

The book, This is Harlesden, has images of the area and poetry which was inspired by interviews with residents.

The film can be viewed at Harlesden Library, Craven Park Road, where there are also free copies of the booklet.

Ms Tutton added that she would love to run the project again but with a focus on the wider Brent community.