Thick smoke from Wembley fire billowed through homes and businesses

Traders and residents were evaculated as blaze tore through car repair shop

Residents and traders evacuated from their homes as a fire swept through a car repair shop in Wembley have spoken about their experience.

More than 40 firefighters were called to the blaze in Thurlow Gardens, Wembley, after a firebroke out at a car repair shop at 11.53am today (Monday).

Fears that the building may contain gas cylinders resulted in the large scale evacuation and an exclusion zone being set up.

Jagdish Bhameligu, who owns Krishna Laptops, in nearby Lancelot Road which backs onto the scene, said the smoke seeped into his shop.

He added: “It was thick smoke. We had to leave right away.”

Trader Sundar Sellam who works in Sanghamam Indian restaurant opposite the fire told the Times the smoke was immense, he added: “We have never seen smoke like that before, I think some tyres caught fire and it just escalated from there, you couldn’t see because of the smoke it was crazy.”

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Kay Brown, 28, was forced to leave her home by the police she said: “I was at home and officers banged on my door and told me I had to come down right away.

“There was smoke everywhere.”

Cllr, Krupa Sheth, Labour councillor for the Wembley Central ward, was at the scene.

She told the Times: “I came here straight away when I could see and smell smoke everywhere, I am relieved there are no injuries to anyone.” Fire crews have the blaze under control and are currently cooling down the gas cylinders to prevent any risk of them exploding.

Police have closed off Thurlow Gardens, Lancelot Road, and the Harrow Road from the Sudbury roundabout to Park Lane.