The spirit of the Olympics reaches Willesden

Volunteers at the Games make a generous donation to a local church

The spirit of the Olympics reached Willesden after the games when a pair of volunteers made a generous gift to a local church.

Volunteers Jeoeon Van Hoos from Belgium and Ellie Jackson from Cambridgeshire were given a roof over their heads for the duration of the games by kind hearted Janet Norrington, who lives in Coverdale Road.

Mrs Norrington gave up two beds in her home for the 16 day period to allow the volunteers access to venues across the capital and her kindness was repaid when the pair made a donation to her local church Christ Church with St Lawrence, in Willesden Lane.

The �132.00 gift was spent on six Purificator linens for the communion challises.

Mrs Norrington told the Times: “It was a lovely thing for them to do and it was so lovely having them here.

“It was so exciting finding out where they were going to each day and hearing their stories.”

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More than 70,000 volunteers worked across the capital throughout the games assisting the public with general enquires and helping with the day to day running.