The Mayhew unites owner with cat that went missing two years ago

Lily is back home with Charlotte Nachi

Lily is back home with Charlotte Nachi - Credit: Archant

A pet owner has been reunited with her missing cat two years after she disappeared thanks to a microchip.

Lily was brought into the Mayhew Animal Home in Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, after being found wandering the streets nearby by a member of the public.

Luckily her owner Charlotte Nalchi had got her microchipped so when The Mayhew checked for one they were able to reunite the pair.

Ms Nalchi said: “When I first heard the news I really thought it must be a mistake, I never thought it was Lily, as after all this time I had given up hope. After several months of no news we resigned ourselves to thinking we would never see her again and just always wondered if she had been injured, or stolen.

“I am so grateful that the people who found her took her to The Mayhew and her microchip meant we are now back as a family again.”

The Mayhew is currently overrun with cats and kittens at present and is struggling to find housing for them all.

Matthew Pearson, The Mayhew’s cat adoption officer, said: “It is always wonderful when a stray cat comes in that is microchipped as it gives us such a high chance of being able to reunite them with their owner.

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“I hope this story also illustrates the vital importance of microchipping your cat; we simply wouldn’t have been able to reunite them otherwise.”

To book an appointment for your pet to be microchipped at The Mayhew call the vet clinic reception on 020 8968 2447