The Mayhew secures new home for dumped three-month-old puppy

The three-month-old puppy was dumped after her previous owners broke up. (Photo: The Mayhew Animal H

The three-month-old puppy was dumped after her previous owners broke up. (Photo: The Mayhew Animal Home) - Credit: Archant

They stepped in to stop a spurned boyfriend selling the animal, which was a present from his ex-girlfriend, in the street after they broke up.

The man’s former partner had bought the puppy, named Ella by the Kensal Green charity’s staff, but when they suddenly broke up Ella was no longer wanted.

After speaking with the Home’s Adoption Officers and Animal Welfare Officers, he was told there was no room due to the surge of dogs left to their care in the run up to Christmas.

Having recommended the man try another rescue centre, staff were shocked to find the man trying to sell the pup to strangers in the street.

The Mayhew’s Head of Animal Welfare, Zoe Edwards, said: “It is completely irresponsible to sell a puppy outside on the streets, but unfortunately we see this kind of situation all too often. She added: “Unfortunately, irresponsible breeders won’t be thinking or asking whether the buyer is able to care and provide for the animal for the rest of its life, both financially and physically.”

The Mayhew had been inundated with dogs abandoned over the festive period by owners unable to care for their pets.

“If owners called us in the first instance, we can help in many other ways rather than the last resort of them dumping their pet on us,” added Ms Edwards.

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The Mayhew’s Vet Team thoroughly checked Ella over before she quickly found a new home and has since been renamed Pippa.

Her new owner, Trina Harris, said: “She is a fun, loving, excited and playful puppy. She has settled into her new home very well.”

She added: “It is hard work having a new puppy family member, but very rewarding and a lovely way to start 2017.”

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