Teenage terrors banned from Wembley streets without their parents

Trio blammed for yobbish behaviour in the area

Three teenage gang members believed to be at the heart of yobbish behaviour in Wembley Central have been banned from the area unless in a car with their parents.

Cory Lewis, Yassin James and Sairus Evans, all from Wembley, are also barred from being with one another in groups of six or more people as part of their two-year Asbo.

Brent Magistrates’ Court heard the trio were members of the self-named Youth Gang W.F.D who were involved in street brawls, graffiti and intimidating behaviour in the Wembley Central area.

Under the terms of the order, Lewis and James, who are both 16, and 18-year-old Sairus, are banned from the railway line between Wembley Central and North Wembley, Lancelot Crescent, Milford Gardens, Lancelot Road, Thurlow Gardens and Wembley High Road to Wembley Central, unless they are in a car with one of their parents.

But they are allowed to walk on both sides of Wembley High Road. The trio are also banned from behaving in an aggressive or threatening manner towards any member of the public including community police officers.

Sgt Neil Tulloch from Wembley Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “The youths, self-named the Youth Gang W.F.D, have caused significant antisocial behaviour within Wembley Central.

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“The gang has sought to intimidate the local community and the police officers who patrol the area.

“They have disrupted the quality of life of residents and local businesses.

“This order will go a long way to dealing with their behaviour and act as a deterrent to other members of the gang.”