Tarantula caught by cops

Hairy spider spotted in Harlesden

Police in Harlesden have dealt with one of their most dangerous call-outs yet – coming face to face with a tarantula.

Officers were on patrol on Sunday (July 31) when they spotted the rather large hairy spider crawling across Marion Way near Kier Hardy House.

Tarantulas have a reputation of being deadly but in fact they are harmless to humans and their mild venom is weaker than a typical honeybee’s, according to National Geographic.

There are hundreds of tarantula species found in most of the world’s tropical, sub-tropical and arid regions.

The tarantula was placed inside a weapons tube and officers were advised to take it to London Zoo where it was taken by Dave Clarke, team leader for the zoo’s bugs department.

Police Constable Steve Stock, from Brent police, said: “I thought I had come across or had dealt with everything that Brent has to offer but seeing and finding a tarantula crossing the street in Harlesden is amazing.”