Sudbury man dubs anti-social telephone helpline out of order

Fed-up resident has had no response to any of his messages

A Sudbury resident has slammed a telephone helpline at Brent Police claiming he has been unable to speak to anyone for weeks to report anti-social behaviour.

David Delahoy, who lives in Elms Lane, claimed he has tried to contact Brent’s Anti-Social Behaviour Line numerous times and left several messages.

The helpline, which is open for eight hours a day, is designed to help residents air any concerns they have and report cases.

Mr Delahoy told the Times: “Every time I call it goes straight to voicemail, I leave a message but no-one does anything or calls me back. I don’t know what to do next.”

Mr Delahoy, who phoned last week to complain of youths loitering close to his home, had previously rung last month after a brick was thrown through his son’s window on three separate occasions.

However, he has yet to hear back from anyone on the team.

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He continued: “The police are supposed to be there to help residents and make them feel safe but how can that happen when you can’t even speak to anyone?”

However, a spokesman for Brent Police said the office is staffed Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and that answer phone messages are responded to daily.

He added: “The Community Safety Team does not operate an emergency help line, any emergency reports of ASB need to be reported to via 999 or 101 for non emergencies, or contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.”