Successful Neasden school is contemplating adopting ‘free school’ status

The Swaminarayan School is an independent school

One of the borough’s most academically successful secondary schools is considering applying for free school status.

The Swaminarayan School, which is rated as one of the top performing independent schools the capital, has confirmed they are looking to adopt the status.

The school, in Brentfield Road, which is open to 4-19 year olds, is currently a fee paying school although scholarships are available.

Its GCSE and A-Level results are conistently among the best in the borough.

Free school status would mean that the school would become directly funded via the Department for Education (DfE).

Mahendra Savjani, the school’s principal confirmed they were considering the move and that they would look to relocate.

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He said: “Whilst we have not found a site, we would wish to locate to a site in the heart of the Hindu community.”

He added: “The excellent education that the school provides at present will be open to all.”

In a report passed by the Brent Council executive earlier this year they said they would be ‘encouraged’ to pursue free school partners.