Success at JFS in Kenton as 16 A-level students gain Oxbridge places

Helena Raymond-Hayling (3A*), Isaac Virchis (3A*, 1A)

Helena Raymond-Hayling (3A*), Isaac Virchis (3A*, 1A) - Credit: Archant

Two friends have celebrated after they were both accepted to study the same course at the prestigious Cambridge University.

18-year-olds Ephraim Levinson, and Jonathan Shamir of JFS will both be inaugurated into the leading educational institute after achieving A*s in English Literature and History A-Levels.

Ephraim, also received the top grade for politics, while Jonathan achieved the same in Religious Studies.

They form a part of a record 16 pupils who have successfully secured Oxbridge places following their sterling A-Level results.

Ephraim said: “It is comforting knowing that I will have a friend from the offset. We will be able to help each other out.”

“It is comforting to have a familiar face around,” Jonathan added.

Ephraim proud father Ralph said: “I was relieved for him. There is always going to be an element of uncertainty.

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“It is a great achievement and I am extremely proud of the achievement he has worked hard for.”

Almost 50 per cent of students achieved an A* or A grade while almost 80 per cent of grades were A*-B grades.

Not a single person failed their exams.

Many outstanding achievers include Dylan Behr, who achieved four A* and Helena Raymond-Hayling who accomplished three.

Telling the Times she has accepted a place to study Physics at Bristol, Helena continued: “I very nervous. I was constantly refreshing UCAS this morning. It got to a point where my family had to tell me to stop.

“This year has been incredibly stressful so it was good to see that all the hard work has paid off.”

The percentage of exam entries achieving the A* grade is the highest in three years.

In addition, 92 per cent of pupils who followed the CACHE Diploma course, a course for 16 to 18-year-olds who would like to work as child carers in public and private nurseries, social services and health authorities, achieved triple A grades which is equivalent to 3 A-Levels.

Jonathan Miller, headteacher, said: “These results once again, reflect the excellent teaching and support students experience with their education at JFS.

“We pass on our heartiest congratulations to all the students, their parents and our staff on such delightful examination results.”

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