Students lose university places following blunder at Copland Community School in Wembley

Copland Community School

Copland Community School - Credit: Archant

A head teacher has apologised after three students lost their university places because the school provided wrong information about their course.

Graeme Plunkett stepped down as the school's head teacher

Graeme Plunkett stepped down as the school's head teacher - Credit: Archant

The students at Wembley’s Copland Community School in Cecil Avenue were told the two-year AQA business studies course equated to two A-levels.

But two years later, on the A level results day last Thursday it was revealed the course was only worth one A level.

Richard Marshall, the school’s newly appointed head teacher, said: “I have apologised unreservedly to these pupils and their families, this should never have happened.

“We have managed to help all three pupils find university places.

“I have assured the pupils and their families that I will not let this matter rest.

“I am investigating how this happened and will take appropriate action.”

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A Brent Council spokesperson said: “We sympathise with the pupils affected by this serious error.

“An investigation will take place at the school to identify where responsibility lies and appropriate action will be taken.”

“We are working closely with the new head to address failings in the school.”

Copland will becomen an academy in September after it was placed in special measures by education watchdog Ofsted.

The school’s then headmaster Graeme Plunkett stepped down from his post and an Interim Executive Board (IEB) appointed by Brent Council to to replace the governing body of the school took on Mr Marshall as the head last month.

The IEB is already taking urgent steps to make improvements at the school and address the issues identified by Ofsted.