Stonebridge pensioner claims neighbours’ grass has created a ‘living hell’

Overgrown gardens are being blamed for a pensioner's health problems.

Overgrown gardens are being blamed for a pensioner's health problems. - Credit: Archant

A pensioner who says his neighbours’ overgrown gardens are blighting his health has described his life as a “living hell”.

Granville Glashen, who lives in a first floor Brent Housing Partnership flat, said his asthma and hay fever are aggravated by pollen emanating from overgrown grass in gardens belonging to his neighbours downstairs and next door.

But the 71-year-old, who lives in Mordaunt Road, Stonebridge, blames the housing group. He said: “They are responsible for cutting the grass, it’s their responsibility. They came here once and didn’t come back to see what is going on. They just don’t care.”

He added: “I’m a prisoner inside because I have to keep the windows closed because of the pollen.”

A BHP spokesman said: “The tenant from the ground floor flat is responsible for the garden. We have been liaising with Mr Glashen to resolve his issues with his neighbours and with the issue of the non-upkeep of the garden. We did not have any further complaints from Mr Glashen after February 2013 so we believed that the issue had been resolved. However, now that we have been made aware that it is still a problem, we have contacted Mr Glashen’s neighbour.”

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