Stonebridge Park wall showcases art depicting iconic moments in Olympic history

Project was commissioned by designer and owner of Argenta House

A 24 hour visual treat has been unveiled in Stonebridge showcasing three iconic moments in Olympic history.

Three giant images adorn the side of silver making factory Argenta House, in Argenta Way, Stonebridge Park, and can now be marvelled at by passers by and train passengers.

The project is commissioned by local silver wear designer and owner of Argenta House, Ari D Norman and commemorates three Olympiads at which racial tension was at its height.

Speaking to the Times, Mr Norman, who has the freedom of the City of London, explained: “We believe in the true original sprit of the Olympics of fair competition amongst all races and all nations, and unfortunately the issue of race and equality becomes very clouded in the politics of the Olympics.”

The artwork, which was created by design group Ol’ Man T, ran by Mr Norman’s son Lee, is lit up after nightfall meaning it is visible 24 hours a day and features Jesse Owens who, in the Berlin games of 1936, discredited the Nazi believe that they had superiority over other races by claiming a sprint Gold.

Also featured is Tommie Smith’s black power salute of the Mexico 1968 games and a symbolic memorial to the 11 Israeli athletes who were killed in Munich, 1972.

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Mr Norman added: “Placing it directly opposite Stonebridge Park station, we hope that racial and political conscience could be raised in the minds of the thousands of people commuting at this location weekly.”