Spurs hope to play at Wembley Stadium until end of season, club confirms – as objections mount from neighbours

Wembley Stadium Picture: Nathalie Raffray

Wembley Stadium Picture: Nathalie Raffray - Credit: Archant

Spurs have put in a request to play 17 extra matches at Wembley Stadium before they return to White Hart Lane, with objections mounting from those living nearby.

Wembley Park after football games and concerts (Picture: Martin Francis)

Wembley Park after football games and concerts (Picture: Martin Francis) - Credit: Archant

Brent Council has received the application from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (THFC) asking for increased access to the ground between January 15 and May 12 – the end of the season – while its new stadium is being built.

If the green light is given, attendances would be capped at 62,000 for 10 games, with full capacity – 90,000 – for the other seven.

In a letter seen by the Times, Lichfield, acting for the Wembley National Stadium Limited, said: “The findings of the environmental statement conclude that there will not be any significant environmental effects in terms of transport, noise vibration and air quality impacts arising from this proposal.”

However, those living in the area disagree, with more than 23 objections out of 24 comments already on the planning application.

Wembley Stadium Picture: Nathalie Raffray

Wembley Stadium Picture: Nathalie Raffray - Credit: Archant

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One objector who lives in Engineers Way said: “I understand that part of what makes Wembley a great and vibrant place to live is the stadium and the world class events it attracts. But to ADD another 17 MAJOR events within the span of a couple of months will disrupt our daily lives in a considerable way.

“Event days, THFC in particular, means a huge surge of intoxicated, loud and inconsiderate crowd. It will affect traffic too much too often. It affects the cleanliness of the streets and the feeling of safety on the area even after the events are finished.”

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Another living in Empire Way added: “Why do you even bother to make a consultation if you’re going to ignore it? Despite the great opposition in last year’s consultation and in the meetings held in the Civic Centre you still did whatever you wanted and approved it.

“And my ‘precognitive powers’ tell me that’s what going to happen again this year.”

The sole supporter on the list said: “I would be very happy if Tottenham Hotspur continue playing at Wembley Stadium beyond December 2018, as my household hires out our driveway and has thus generated plenty of income from the matches they have played there since the 2016/17 season. On virtually every occasion Spurs have played there, we have received a booking for our driveway.”

Those living close to the ground or who are affected by extra games have until December 19 to make comments on the proposals. Search for reference number 07386974 at pa.brent.gov.uk/online-applications

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