Eligible South Kilburn ballot voters say yes to regeneration which brings changes for all neighbours

Hereford House in Kilburn, due to be demolished Picture: Nathalie Raffray

Hereford House in Kilburn, due to be demolished Picture: Nathalie Raffray - Credit: Archant

Eligible voters in a controversial ballot held in South Kilburn have overwhelmingly said ‘yes’ to regeneration plans.

People living in 17 run-down blocks on the South Kilburn Estate were invited to vote on the rebuilding of their neighbourhood.

They were asked whether they were "in favour of the proposal to continue with the regeneration of South Kilburn" before the deadline on Monday.

Brent Council released the results on Wednesday revealing that 84pc voted yes.

The ballot was the first in Brent tsince a new initiative from the Mayor of London made funding for council home building programmes dependent on approval from residents.

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The GLA stipulates local people have the final say on the future of their neighbourhoods before the council is given any funding.

However, as the ballot was part of the larger South Kilburn Masterplan, a petition was launched asking that 8,000 other locals in the area be permitted to vote.

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Campaigners also urged voters to vote 'no' over a lack of clarity on who the council will choose as landlord.

They cited "major problems" with newly built properties, as reported in the Kilburn Times, run by housing associations.

The 15-year regeneration of South Kilburn is already halfway through.

The council said following the Yes vote, 1,400 homes for existing council tenants and households in temporary accommodation will be rebuilt.

A spokesperson added: "Meanwhile, other improvements to the neighbourhood including parks, roads and open spaces will now also go ahead as planned."

Cllr Shama Tatler, Brent Council's lead member for regeneration, property & planning, said: "The community has always been at the heart of plans to improve South Kilburn, so it is only right that local people had the final say on the future of their neighbourhood.

"Over the past 10 years we have carried out a tremendous amount of work alongside residents, listening to their views and ensuring these are prioritised. That will continue to be the case as the award-winning regeneration programme moves forward."

A council spokesperson added: All current tenants are guaranteed to get a modern, safe and comfortable home on the rebuilt estate if they want one, while leaseholders can either choose to leave the estate with a market value payment for their home, or stay with a share of the equity in one of the new homes. Households living in temporary accommodation will be entitled to a secure tenancy in a new home on the estate when one becomes available."

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