South Kilburn man banned from High Road and surrounding streets

Court heard 44-year-old terrorised Kilburn High Road with yobbish behaviour and drinking

A South Kilburn man who terrorised his local high street with yobbish behaviour has been banned from stepping foot in the busy thoroughfare and surrounding areas.

Michael Constant of William Saville House, Denmark Road, faces arrest if he walks on either side of Kilburn High Road and 13 other streets in the next three years.

The 44-year-old is also banned from behaving in an intimidating manner, drinking alcohol and carrying an open bottle or can of booze in public.

Chief Inspector Taff Thomas said: “This individual has made life very difficult for local residents and business. “This order demonstrates that the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams will work hard with partners and residents to re-address the balance and demonstrate that we will take such opportunities to curb anti social behaviour which blight our local communities and interfere with quality of life issues.”

Under the terms of an Asbo granted by Harrow Crown Court, Constant can only enter the High Road and it surrounding streets if he has an appointment with his solicitor, dentist or optician, or if he is travelling on public transport through the area.

He is banned from entering on foot Aldershot Road, Buckley Road, Burton Road, Callcott Road, Cavendish Road, Douglas Road, Dyne Road, Glengall Road, Kilburn High Road, Kingsley Road, Plympton Road, Priory Park Road, Tennyson Road and Torbay Road.