Smoke alarm saves elderly man’s life after a fire rips through his Willesden home

Pensioner alerted to blaze in his Chaplin Road home early this morning

A man in his 70s was rushed to hospital following a house fire in Willesden in the early hours of this morning ( Tuesday).

The fire, believed to be caused by a match thrown into a wicker bin, ripped through a property in Chaplin Road, at around 2.30am.

Two fire engines and ten fire fighters were called to the scene where the man was rescued from a ground floor bedroom before being taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and burns.

Another man, managed to escape from an attic room after he was alerted by smoke alarms then alerted fire-fighters to the blaze.

Lee Harris, crew manager at Willesden fire station said: “We had previously fitted three smoke alarms inside the house, which alerted the man who was up in the attic to the blaze.

“Had we not fitted the smoke alarms there’s a strong chance he might not have woken up until it was too late.

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“If you’ve not got a smoke alarm, I’d urge you to get one today it might end up saving your life.”

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade added: “It’s vital you ensure matches are completely out before you dispose of them. If in doubt, run them under a tap to ensure there’s no risk of them starting a fire.”