Sir Terry Wogan backs census campaign targeting Brent’s Irish residents

Figures indicate that the borough has the highest number of people from the Emerald Isles

IRISH residents living in the borough are being urged to fill out their census forms in a patriotic campaign.

The Federation of Irish Societies (FSI) are targeting 50 areas in England deemed to have the highest population of people from the Emerald Isles.

According to their figures, the constituency with the highest number of Irish residents is Brent Central with Hampstead and Kilburn coming a close second.

Jennie McShannon of the FIS said: “Ten years ago, when the last census was taken, up to half-a-million people of Irish descent thought the Irish tick box didn’t apply to them.

“The ‘ethnicity’ box on the Census form attempts to make clear this is a question about Irish roots and identity – not about your passport or place of birth.”

Celebrities of Irish descent such as Sir Terry Wogan, Terry Christian and chef Richard Corrigan are backing the campaign and major companies including Kerrygold have leant their support.

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Stressing the importance of taking part, Ms McShannon said: “Under-representation means the needs of the weak and vulnerable members of our community get overlooked”

“Health issues specific to our community go undiagnosed and untreated. Interest in Irish culture, media and sports appears less obvious.”

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