Noise abatement notice served against 'silent disco'

Silent disco raves begin at 10pm and can last up until 9am the next day, residents say

Silent disco raves begin at 10pm and can last up until 9am the next day, residents say - Credit: Submitted

A noise abatement notice has been issued against an address in Harlesden after complaints were made about "silent discos" attended by hundreds of people.

Complaints date back 12 months about a house where a neighbour set up a marquee in his back garden to host parties. 

A "silent disco" is where guests dance while wearing headphones all tuned to the same selection of music channels.

Residents said the raves begin at 10pm and can last until 9am the next day, usually occurring every two weeks.

The residents, who asked not to be named, logged 21 recordings of the loud parties on the council’s Noise App and have contacted the police and council for help. 

Brent Council said it served the landlord a noise abatement notice and "contacted residents on several occasions".

But the residents said they have not received any communication from the council about the actions it has taken.

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One 64-year-old resident said: “Most of us have been living on this road for 30 years plus and we’ve known this road to be a really nice road, with decent people living on it.

"It used to be a family street, but now, it seems like it’s a dumping ground.”

Another neighbour, 81, said: “The silent discos are far from silent. I can’t sleep because of the noise. 

"They have a barbeque going and the smell reaches my house and lingers for days.”

Videos appear to show attendees being searched for weapons using metal detectors and crowds of people wearing silent disco headsets. 

Neighbours say a portable toilet is hired for the parties, but that guests have also urinated in next-door driveways.

A 39-year-old resident said: “I woke up one morning and two women were peeing up against my car. It’s just revolting.”

“It’s a nightmare. It’s literally a mini-Glastonbury on my doorstep.”

Residents said that last month a fight broke out, with men brawling and throwing neighbours' bins out across the road.

A 54-year-old resident said: “I’m worried abut my safety and my mum’s safety. She shouldn’t have to be so afraid on the street she has lived on for so many decades.

“It’s really frustrating because no matter what we try to do, the parties are still happening time and time again.”

The neighbour said they called 101 about the party in August and September but that both times a police car drove past and officers did not enter the house.

A Met Police spokesperson said police work around large gatherings has largely been explaining Covid rules using officers on patrol, not enforcing compliance.

He added that concerns over noise pollution are mainly a concern for the local authority.

The same neighbour emailed and telephoned the council on at least five occasions to ask for help. She said she received no responses or return calls.

A Brent council spokesperson said the council served the landlord a noise abatement notice, contacted residents on several occasions, and visited the property on September 29, but were unable to gain entry.

The spokesperson added: “We know what a blight noise nuisance can be for neighbours, and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Our noise nuisance team has been working hard to help the residents. This case is a priority, and we will take further action should the abatement notice not resolve matters.”

The noise complaints that the residents have made through the council app have been listed as “under investigation” since July.

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