Sewer blocked by cement shuts down east bound traffic in Wembley

Thames water are clearing cement which has blocked a sewer in Wembley High Road (Picture: Jaine Lunn

Thames water are clearing cement which has blocked a sewer in Wembley High Road (Picture: Jaine Lunn) - Credit: Archant

Thames Water has pledged to charge whichever company is responsible for blocking a sewer with concrete which has closed a street in Wembley.

The water giant is currently attending to the sewer on Wembley High Road which is blocked by concrete near the junction of Ecclestone Place.

Deep excavation works have closed eastbound traffic from the junction of Park Lane until November 30.

Traffic has been diverted via Park Lane and Wembley Hill Road.

A signed diversion is in place for the duration of the works. Westbound traffic will continue to use High Road.

Thames Water’s Stuart White said the company spends a million pounds a month clearing fatbergs and blockages in its 68,000 miles of sewers in London and Thames Valley.

He added: “Normally blockages are caused by fat, oil and wet wipes building up in the sewer but unfortunately in this case it’s concrete, not a fatberg, so we can’t jet it through. It’s in there and it’s set to the pipe, so we need to remove the pipe and replace it with a new one.

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“This is very frustrating, a complete waste of our time, and not the first time damage has been caused by people pouring concrete into our sewers.

“After fixing the problem, we will investigate and then reclaim the costs from whoever is responsible.”

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