Self published Wembley author’s dream reality as agent signs her up

Rayner Tapia on the red carpet (Photo: Rayner Tapia)

Rayner Tapia on the red carpet (Photo: Rayner Tapia) - Credit: Archant

A disabled Wembley author has signed a “huge” dollar contract with an agent after seven years self publishing her books.

Rayner Tapia, who lives in Langham Gardens, has been signed up by American publishers Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency (SBPRA.NET) who also have an eye on turning one of her novels into a film.

The 42-year-old mother of three, who has Multiple Sclerosis, has self published her four award-winning books, with the first of her Tom McGuire tales going into print in 2010.

Now SBPRA has commissioned the fifth, The Final Nemesis, for “a huge sum of money”.

Mrs Tapia said: “I’m overwhelmed to be honest, I’m getting paid to write this book, it’s so exciting. Once again I thought this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me because I’m a normal person who’s unwell. But it goes to show, if we believe in ourselves and believe in what we are doing, our dreams can come true.

“However when one day I will walk the red carpet I will not forget my roots, I can’t forget anything.”

Ms Tapia fell into writing by accident when she gave up a job in the City when her third son third son AJ was born prematurely.

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Her science fiction fantasies, rich in poetic prose, follow the classic genre of good versus evil and can be read individually.

Her books in order are The Bard of Typheousina, Morkann’s Revenge, The Dream Catcher which won the North American Book Entries (NABE) pinnacle award for best Juvenile fiction 2012 and The Last Enchantment which picked up the NABE winner of Best Sci-Fi in 2015.

She has been nominated for the Circle of Honour Ring of Books Award 2017 for three of her award winning books.

She has also been asked by All Star Books to showcase her books at the LA Times Festival of Books 2017.

She added: “In the Final Nemesis my main characters are still there but I’ve invented a new character. Amber Rawlings is a strong, progressive individual who loves science. I wanted to show someone strong and fearless.”

Not keen to dwell on her debilitating MS condition she said: “My illness has been hard but I’m trying to be as much of a human as possible. I just have to believe, hold on, pray and carrying on writing.”

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