Second Lib Dem councillor moves out of Brent without giving up his seat

Cllr Gavin Sneddon moves 10 miles away from his ward months after Cllr Rev David Clues relocates to Brighton

A second Liberal Democrat councillor has moved out of the borough without giving up his seat.

Cllr Gavin Sneddon, a Willesden Green ward councillor, who now lives in East Barnet, has refused to say exactly when he left the borough but said he has no plans to resign as yet.

He told the Times: “At the moment I am in a transition period, I have officially moved out of Brent but I am living with my fianc� and we are looking at a number of options, one of which might include returning to the borough.

“I am committed to helping residents and I still work in the borough so am able to attend surgeries and meetings.

“I have been working in the community to help residents with their concerns.”

The news follows the Times’ revelation earlier this year that Cllr Rev David Clues had moved 80 miles away to Brighton last December but held on to his Dudden Hill seat.

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Cllr Rev Clues, previously the vicar at St Mary’s Church in Neasden Lane, Willesden, told the Times he was currently living between his ward and Brighton.

However, he said that he would resign once his move from Willesden to Brighton was made permanent.

Local councillors can claim an allowance of �7,974 per annum provided they attend one meeting every six months.

Cllr Sneddon, who was elected in 2006, added: “If it becomes apparent that I can’t continue with my position then I will resign but right now I am still committed to helping residents.”

This is the third time the Times have revealed a councillor leaving the borough following Cllr Rev Clues and Barnhill councillor Judith Beckman (Lab) who resigned earlier this year after she was rumoured to be living in the South West of England.