Second Labour Brent councillor becomes embroiled in anti-Israel Facebook post row

Cllr Aslam Choudry is the borough's former mayor

Cllr Aslam Choudry is the borough's former mayor - Credit: Archant

A second Labour councillor in Brent has waded into an anti-Israel row involving Facebook a post appeared on his page that called ‘Zionists worse than animals’.

This post appeared of Cllr Choudry's Facebook page last week

This post appeared of Cllr Choudry's Facebook page last week - Credit: Archant

The post appeared on the page belonging to Cllr Aslam Choudry on the social-networking site last week.

It has since been removed.

Cllr Choudry, who represents the Dudden Hill ward and is a former mayor in Brent, is also a member of Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE); an independent body which advices non-denominational schools on how to teach RE to its pupils.

Last week it was revealed that Cllr Muhammed Butt, the leader of Brent Council, shared a clip on his page which claimed “Israel is a terrorist state like ISIS.”

The 49-year-old, who is the councillor for the Tokyngton ward, is also the lead member for equalities at London Council, a cross-party organisation that presents all 32 boroughs and the City of London.

The post, which was shared on April 16, has since been removed after the Labour Party was alerted to it by online website Jewish News.

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When the Times contacted Cllr Butt he apologised for sharing the post adding that he had not noticed the comment comparing Israel to ISIS.

He said: “I am sorry for sharing the post. The video had 17,000 comments and if I had seen it I would never had shared the post in fact I would have reported it to Facebook.

“I am the leader of the most diverse borough in the country, if not Europe, and there is no way I would create any divisions.

“This is a lesson to make sure that people you have on your Facebook page are your actual friends.”

Last week the Labour Party suspended Cricklewood-resident Ken Livingston for “bringing the party into disrepute” after he claimed Hitler had supported Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”.

The former London Mayor and ex-Brent East MP, made the remark while defending Bradford West MP Naz Shah from allegations of anti-Semitism.

Ms Shah was also suspended pending an investigation into controversial social media posts about Israel which she made before becoming an MP.

According to a story by the Daily Telegraph today, the Labour Party has suspended a total of 50 members for anti-Semitic and racist comments.

The Times has contacted Cllr Choudry for a comment.