Second cannabis farm uncovered in Harlesden following dawn raid

More than 600 plants seized by cops

COPS have seized more than 600 cannabis plants after a dawn raid took place in Harlesden this morning.

Officers discovered the class B drugs after storming an address in Marian Way, the second in the area in just eight days.

An investigation is underway to trace the tenants of the property.

Sergeant Adrian Hanna from Harlesden Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “The supply and use of illegal substances is completely unacceptable, and Harlesden Safer Neighbourhoods and Brent Police will continue to work to eradicate this type of crime.

“Don’t be mistaken, cannabis factories are not an individual growing one or two plants for personal use, they are the work of organised criminals who exploit individuals and produce vast amounts of illegal drugs.

“The properties are illegally wired for electricity which makes them potential fire hazards.

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“In conclusion, they are bad news.”

Huong Nguyen, 36, of St John’s Avenue, Harlesden, has appeared in court charged with producing more than 500 plants of the class B drug which were seized by cops from his home on February 10.