Schoolboy hitman ‘fixer’ threatened teenage witness

Sister of witness gives evidence in court

A young mother told how her brother was threatened with death after a ‘hitboy’ confessed to him.

The Old Bailey heard the 15-year-old schoolboy, from Willesden, told Ryan Hatunga, 19, he was paid just �200 for the contract killing of 26 year-old Gulistan Subasi on March 22 last year.

He said the shooting was carried out on the orders of Izak Billy, 21, via the victim’s former partner Serdar Ozbek.

Mr Hatunga’s sister Lynka was in the house with her brother on the morning of April 7 last year when she heard a man banging at the front door.

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She told the court: “It was very loud. He was screaming for Ryan. He was saying: ‘Come out, I’m going to kill you.’

The family called the police but later that morning Billy returned with three other men.

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“They started kicking at the door. They kicked it more than 15 times. The whole house was shaking,” said Ms Hatunga.

He was shouting: ‘’I’m going to kill you. You are a pussy, come outside’.

Ms Hatunga said the four men picked up bricks and started smashing up her brother’s car, she also noticed one of them had a gun tucked into his waist.

Mr Hatunga went to the police and he has now moved out of London.

The prosecution claim Ozbek took out a contract on Gulistan after a bitter row over the custody of their son.

It is claimed Ozbek’s brother and Paul Nicoloau, 28, arranged the killing with the help of three men from Tottenham - Leigh Bryan, 25, Zeon Jackman, 22, and a 16 year-old boy who cannot be named.

In turn, Billy recruited the boy, who is now also 16, to carry out the shooting.

All seven deny murder.

Billy also denies threatening to murder

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