Sarah Teather lets down another generation at launch of school library

Sarah Teather failed to appear at the opening of school library today much to the disappointment of its pupils (Friday).

Ms Teather, Lib Dem MP for Brent Central, cancelled the appearance at John Keble Primary School in Crownhill Road, Harlesden, just hours before she was due to appear, citing illness.

The Education Minister surprised her constituents yesterday when she controversially voted to raise university tuition fees.

A policy she had consistently spoken out against and even signed a National Union of Students pledge to vote against any increases to tuition fees

Ros Cannon, deputy head of John Keble, said: “We are disappointed.

“Earlier this week we were showing the children pictures of Sarah and explaining who she was.

“We actually have children in the Brent Parliament. They didn’t understand exactly who she was but they did know someone special was coming in today.”

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The school, which teaches 400 pupils aged between three to 11, converting an old music room into the library.

There were two classes that, due to their excellent lining up, had won the privilege of opening the library with Ms Teather.

In her absence the honorary scissors were put in the safe hands of two students.

Alison Loffler, the school’s headteacher said Ms Teather’s absence was out of character.

She added: “She is always the one who comes to our shows and galas.

“She has been very supportive of our school in the past, which is why we asked her to come today.”