Rock n Rolling primary school duo in finals of music competition

The pair, from Oliver Goldsmiths Primary School in Kingsbury, want to become a famous heavy metal band

Two heavy metal loving primary school students are just one performance away from playing live at The O2 arena after beating thousands to the semi finals of one of the UK’s biggest music competitions.

The Dragon Slayers, made up of Freddy Hendrix, 10, on guitar and 9-year-old Atrin Golesorkhi on drums, the talented Oliver Goldsmith Primary pupils won judges over at their audition last month, for Live and Unsigned.

Atrin, who is in Year 5 at the Kingsbury school, in Coniston Gardens, said: “It was really scary when we first auditioned because lots of bands were not getting through.

“Then after our set the judges just came up to us to say we had got through. It was something else.”

The Dragon Slayers have been together for two years and have three original songs – Army, Boomerang and One Little Boy – along with an impressive set list of Hendrix covers.

After their success last month the boisterous boys will be back at the Beck Theatre, Hay in April to compete against other heavy metal bands for the final prize of a record deal, world tour and �100,000.

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More than 10,000 acts of all ages enter Live and Unsigned every year, but the confident duo are unfazed by the competition.

Atrin added: “We are hoping to become a very famous heavy metal band.”

The band hopes all their fans will come and support them at their audition April 17 at Beck Theatre in Hay.

You can experience The Dragon Slayers for yourself by visiting