Richard Dunne believes a break will do QPR squad the world of good

Queens Park Rangers' Richard Dunne (right) wins an aerial dual with Burnley's Danny Ings

Queens Park Rangers' Richard Dunne (right) wins an aerial dual with Burnley's Danny Ings - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

With QPR out of the FA Cup, the usual blank weekend in January is ahead of them and, while some Premier League sides head away for some sunshine training, Richard Dunne just wants a break.

The 35-year-old was withdrawn at half-time in the 2-0 defeat against Manchester United on Saturday with a groin injury and believes some time spent away from each other might be exactly what the QPR squad require at this stage of the season.

He said: “We’ve not had a great run since the turn of the year.

“It is nice sometimes to relax, clear your head and start again. That’s the opportunity we have now and it’s vitally important when we play Stoke in a couple of weeks that we go there and leave with something.

“It’s important that we use the time well over the next two weeks, whether that’s with rest or technical work. It’s important when we play Stoke that we’ve used these two weeks correctly.

“I don’t think we have special plans to go away [to a training camp abroad] before then or something. If the manager wants it I’m sure the lads would be up for it, but it’s not been mentioned.

“Sometimes it’s just nice not to see each other for two or three days!

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“We live with each other for most of the year, we get on great and the spirit’s high but sometimes a little break away from each other can raise it even more.”

The Rs set a new Premier League record for consecutive away defeats following their 10th loss on the road this season at Burnley.

The defeat led to speculation that manager Harry Redknapp could be sacked, but Dunne says the talk did not affect the players.

“When stuff comes up about the manager, it doesn’t affect the players,” he added.

“We know him. We see the manager every day and we know he’s not changed one bit. He’s still doing his job and we’re all still 100 per cent behind him.

“It’s the media that create these things and there’s been no difference in training throughout the week. So it’s not affected the lads or caused any sort of nervousness or worry or anything like that.”

Dunne was pleased with the response from the fans at the end of the game and cleared up the incident which occurred with a supporter after the defeat away at Burnley.

He said: “The club have had plenty of e-mails, phone calls and letters from real fans who were at the match at Burnley.

“One person, who is renowned for that sort of behaviour, can’t be judged as the whole fanbase.

“It was never a problem, whether it’s here or away, the fans are always behind us.

“They have been the reason why Loftus Road has been so good to us this season.”

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