Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Is the UK missing out?

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - Credit: Dennis Publishing

Samsung’s Galaxy Note range has been popular for years now, almost singlehandedly inventing the giant smartphone or ‘phablet’. It came a huge surprise then that the new Note 5 handset wouldn’t be coming to the UK in the foreseeable future.

It’s a bit more complicated than that though. The Note handsets have always taken their lead from the Galaxy S series, and the new Note 5 is no different. However, this time around Samsung has two S6 handsets, the standard phone and the curved screen Edge version. The phablet version of the Edge is available in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ as it’s known. The phablet version of the regular S6 though, the Note 5, will not be officially released here, though you can get it from importers.

So if you want a big phone, without a curved screen and with the Note’s trademark stylus (which isn’t included in the Edge+) then is the phone for you? Simply, yes, the handset is bound to please proud Note owners. It’s a slick update with an arguably world-beating display, fantastic performance, a good camera and plenty of extra features, such as split screen multi-tasking.

It may come to the UK one day, but for now you’ll either have to buy one on grey import (forgoing an official warranty) or simply make do with the Edge+.

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