Restaurant in Wembley has its licence suspended following an attempted murder and other violent crimes

Alisan has had its premises licence suspended (Pic credit: Angela Blake)

Alisan has had its premises licence suspended (Pic credit: Angela Blake) - Credit: Archant

A restaurant in Wembley has been forced to close after it had its premises licence suspended following a serious of violent incidents including an attempted murder.

Alisan in Engineer’s Way, opposite Wembley Stadium, has been banned from selling alcohol or hosting any form of entertainment after Brent Council agreed to temporally revoke their licence following a request from the police.

The eatery, which specialises in Asian cuisine and is also a lounge bar, is allowed to continue serving food but according to its website it is closed.

According to papers lodged by the police the venue has had six serious incidents in the last three months including a stabbing which left one man fighting for his life, a brutal GBH and a customer pulling out a gun on the premises.

A decision on the whether to permanently revoke the licence or reinstate it will be made by the council’s Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Sub-Committee on April 27.

A statement on the restaurant’s website says: “It is with a heavy heart and deep embarrassment that I make this announcement. Due to a serious crime that took place on 30th March, Metropolis Wembley has forfeited its license.

“We are deeply regretful that a number of events were unable to take place as a result of this closure. We understand how distraught many of you are and truly apologise that your long-planned events have been ruined.

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“We are in the process of speaking to other venues to move our upcoming events. Wherever possible, we will shift upcoming events to similar, suitable venues. Where not possible, we will refund any deposits paid.”