Residents vow to fight flat development plans in Harlesden

Disgruntled Harlesden resident protest of prosposed flats (Pic credit: Jan Nevill)

Disgruntled Harlesden resident protest of prosposed flats (Pic credit: Jan Nevill) - Credit: Archant

Harlesden residents have vowed to fight the latest attempt for the development of flats on the former site of a social club.

Under plans submitted by Origin Housing Limited, the Willesden New Social Club in Rucklidge Avenue, will make way for a five-storey building containing 22 flats.

This is the fourth application that has been submitted to develop flats on the site.

Disgruntled residents feel the proposed building design is “overbearing” as it is built out to the pavement edge, which is out of character with surrounding properties.

Nina Fento, who lives in Rucklidge Avenue, expressed privacy concerns as her rear garden will be overlooked by the terraces on the upper floors.

She added: “The shops to the ground floor level will create traffic and parking problems and add to the congestion we already have here.

“The development is over-intensive and should be refused.”

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Leroy Simpson, chairman of The Harlesden Town Team, said he does not have major concern with the proposals, but took issue with the lack of consultation.

He added: “We wouldn’t be where we are at today if local residents were consulted in the beginning.

“Brent needs housing but do we want a big ugly building? Preferably not.

“The developers should have worked together with residents to produce a better building that satisfies local residents.”

Stephen Weeks, head of area planning, has reassured residents that their views will be taken into consideration in deciding the fate of the application.

“Planning committee members will look at all the comments by local people, together with the submissions from the applicants and all the other information, very carefully before taking a considered decision about the application for the former Willesden Social Club site,” he said.

A full copy of the planning application can be found on the council website.

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