Residents urged to join the fight against Willesden Junction incinerator plans

Campaigners ask people to register their objections against proposal for Harlesden site

A campaign group fighting against a proposed incinerator at Willesden Junction has urged residents opposed to the scheme to continue to register their objections despite the fact the application has been put on hold and have claimed ‘nothing is certain’.

The hugely controversial planning application for a four chimney incinerator, made by a company called Clean Power Properties, was due to be discussed and voted on by Ealing Council’s planning committee next week.

However, the Times revealed that the government’s controversial High Speed 2 (Hs2) scheme had also earmarked the site to use for transporting rubbish from the construction of tunnels.

If Hs2 designate and use a site it means they can ‘safeguard’ it potentially thwarting other developments and requiring other applicants to ask their permission.

Bosses from Hs2 are due to meet with Ealing in the coming weeks to discuss the application.

But campaign group Kensal Green Residents Against the Incinerator have said anything could still happen.

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They told the Times: “Having been in direct and constant contact with Ealing’s planning officer Peter Lee, it is perfectly clear that the incinerator application has NOT been withdrawn but is merely on hold until after Christmas. “Yes, it is true that Hs2 may reserve the site or part of the site, but equally they may not wish to reserve it, and the Willesden Junction site would remain available for the incinerator. Nothing is certain until after these meetings.”

Residents have until December 20 to register objections to the scheme.

The group added: “It is still vitally urgent that residents and local businesses continue to make their formal objections.

“This will ensure that these objections will be included in the report and on the Ealing planning committee meeting agenda.

“We cannot divert our focus at this stage in the vain hope that High Speed 2 will save us from the incinerator.”

A spokesman for Ealing Council added: “All waste processing developments must abide by environmental licensing conditions, which control the impact of factors such as noise and environmental pollution on the local area.”

To register objections email and include ref:PP/2012/3267 + name/address/reasons to support objection.