Don't take our parking, shout Wembley neighbours

Dawn Condouriodise and fellow neighbour Jenny, a qualified carer who works evenings

Dawn Condouriodise and fellow neighbour Jenny, a qualified carer who works evenings - Credit: Dawn Condouriodise

Neighbours in Wembley are urging the council to think of women's safety as a priority as plans to restrict parking gets underway.

Residents living in Kings Drive have received letters from Brent Council informing them that at the end of 2022 they plan to eliminate 70 per cent of their parking spaces by painting yellow lines throughout the estate with ‘no waiting at any time’.

Dawn Condouriodise lost her fierce battle to protect residents in 2019 after Brent Council destroyed 12 garages and a car park at the top of the hill and replaced them with four bungalows. 

Now she says the new plans will push neighbours to park their cars outside onto "Greenhill and beyond" and compromise their safety.                     

She added: "If the council wanted to put yellow lines at certain points, that’s one thing, but to expect the residents of 114 flats to squeeze into the approximately 14 spaces that they leave us is unbelievable.

"It'll make women vulnerable because they will be pushed to the outskirts of Wembley. The other night when I got out at Greenhill this guy got out a car. He waited 'til I walked past and got out of the car. I thought oh my God, my hands were loaded with bags and I almost ran home because I was scared.

"Because it was dark there was no one about except him and that's when it hit me, he could do anything. There's nothing I could do about it. It was quite frightening. 

"All the ladies here, we'll all be in the same boat if they put these yellow lines in we'll all be pushed to the outskirts and coming back in the dark and hoping you get back safe."

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Her trust in the council has been damaged by the removal of the garages and parking spaces.

"I don't think Brent Council wants to listen. In my experience with the bungalows, they even did their own survey that confirmed we 've got no space up here and still they went ahead and built the bungalows. They just don't care.

"This problem in borough wide and it's a real problem. It pushes all the women in the borough out into the dark at night."

Residents have until November 4 to have their say by visiting

A Brent Council spokesperson said: "This is part of an ongoing consultation about proposals to introduce parking control measures on our estates. Nothing has been decided and we want to hear residents’ opinions.

"Parking on Kings Drive, Wembley, has become unsafe, with people, often non-residents, who choose to park in an inconsiderate and dangerous way, making it difficult for others to get around. Cars are also blocking access for emergency vehicles and essential maintenance services.

"These proposals are designed to put a stop to this, ensuring that parking is prioritised for residents of the estate at the cost of less than a pound a week.

"Part of our proposals are to make pavements more accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs and reduce anti-social behaviour. 

“The safety of women is a top priority, and we take our responsibility with the utmost seriousness.

"We continue to work with all partners to make the borough a safer place for everyone.”

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