Residents direct traffic as A406 roadworks cause chaos

The closure led to long delays on the A406 and caused chaos on local roads Picture: TFL

The closure led to long delays on the A406 and caused chaos on local roads Picture: TFL - Credit: TFL

Residents were forced to step in to direct traffic as repairs to the A406 flyover last weekend caused chaos in the surrounding areas.

Workers are carrying out ‘essential’ repairs on the flyover which is scheduled to be shut again this coming weekend.

Despite warnings a month in advance of the works, the closure caused pandemonium on local roads as traffic diverted and drivers searched for alternative routes.

Residents in Dollis Hill, Neasden, and Cricklewood accused Transport for London (TFL) of lack of planning and coordination over the closures.

Alison Hopkins, who lives on Humber Road, in Dollis Hill said: “We all ended up directing traffic ourselves. It was a total nightmare.

“The drivers we spoke to had no idea, mostly, that it was closed. The diversion signs were non existent, and they ought to have disabled the bus lane, and should have had access only signs on the residential roads.”

Roadworks on Edgware Road at the junction of Dollis Hill Lane only added to the problems.

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“Whoever thought it a good idea to close the A406 with all the other messes locally in terms of roadworks wants sacking,” she added.

Ms Hopkins even called the police, who did turn up to help deal with the chaos, and Ms Hopkins also reported that motorbikes had been riding on the pavement,

She said: “I nearly got run over twice. At one point, no cars moved in my little road for forty minutes,” she said.

One woman on Facebook said it took her 40 minutes to get from Ikea to Neasden whilst another criticised the authorities for not doing the works in August when the traffic would be quieter.

On Twitter, @FahimAfghan wrote: “a 15min car journey to Brent Cross shopping centre taking over two hours! Not even there yet! Avoid!!”

Transport for London (TFL) has reminded drivers to avoid the area this weekend and leave more time for journeys if travelling.

The flyover will be closed from 10pm on Friday til 5am on Monday this weekend.

TFL confirmed that last weekend queues went back to Harrow Road at one end and Henleys Corner at the other (on the A406).

They apologised for the disruption caused to the area last weekend.