Neighbours appeal controversial casino license in Harlesden

silvertime gaming centre

Residents have appealed against a second Silvertime gaming centre in Harlesden - Credit: Margaret Cox

Residents in Harlesden have launched an appeal against a licensing application for a 24 hour casino in their neighbourhood.

Brent’s licensing committee approved a premises licence for Silvertime Amusements, in Park Parade, at the site of a former bookmaker’s at a meeting on November 24.

Local resident Margaret Cox, who attended the hearing, said she was "appalled" and has rallied around the community to gather evidence and launch an appeal.

She is backed by all three Kensal Green councillor Matt Kelcher, Claudia Hector and Jumbo Chan.

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Ms Cox, of Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum,  said there is already an adult gaming centre at the Jubilee clock and another opposite the Methodist church.

She added: "Harlesden has a thriving much loved town centre but to have multiple 24 hour Casinos/Adult Gaming Centres can only bring misery to low income families and those with addiction tendencies.

"Also 24 hour opening times encourages night time activity which because of high levels of ASB, local police and residents don’t want."

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She added: "If people are not aware and don’t provide enough evidence in their objection,  the licensing committee will not have enough grounds to reject gaming centres, then before you know it your neighbourhood will be full of them."

At the meeting in November Paddy Wuhr, the solicitor representing Edward Reed, said licensing conditions had been agreed between the police, council officers and his client.

He added Mr Reed would be willing to work with the community and Harlesden councillor Mili Patel to address any outstanding concerns they had.

In their appeal letter, the Kensal Green councillors said: "We believe this proliferation of highly visible, 24/7, gambling premises, which are marketed towards those with only a few pounds in their pocket, can only exacerbate our very real local problems.

"We know that our local police officers in the Kensal Green Safer Neighbourhood Team share this view." 

They added: "Granting this appeal would allow the voice of our community to be fully heard and considered for the first time."

Mr Reed could not be reached for comment.

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