Residents anger over ASDA’s petrol station plans for Wembley

Campaigners are against proposals by supermarket giant claiming it will increase traffic

Angry campaigners have hit out at a supermarket giant’s plan to build a petrol station next to a busy Wembley Road.

ASDA in Wembley Park has applied to build the four pump station in the car park of the Forty Lane branch.

Cllr Michael Pavey, a labour councillor for the Barnhill ward, said: “The Forty Lane area is congested anyway, and with the increase in traffic this would only get worse and could cause more fatalities.”

John Wood, chair of Barnhill resident’s association, said the junction was a dangerous stretch of road: “ASDA say there will be no increase in traffic but of course if they make it the cheapest petrol around everyone will go there,” he said.

Martin Francis, a Wembley resident and Green Party activist, said: “It would add to local congestion, making roads and crossing places more dangerous for the elderly, the young and those with mobility problems.”

A spokesman for ASDA said: “We’re always looking to bring low priced fuel to areas of the UK that don’t already benefit from an ASDA forecourt.”

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The decision is due to be discussed by the planning committee at Brent Council on Wednesday, July 25.

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