Redknapp gives his verdict on QPR’s season so far

QPR boss Harry Redknapp pulled no punches when it came to assessing where the R’s are after officially taking over as manager on Sunday.

With 13 games of the season gone, the west Londoners are bottom of the Premier League and have picked up four points in that period.

“It’s no good us kidding ourselves and saying they’ve done great and fantastic,” he said.

“You can’t be doing great if you’ve only got four points from 13 games. It’s unreal really.

“Something has got to be wrong. I’ve got to find out what it is and quickly.”

Redknapp felt it wasn’t worth compiling a list of players’ opinions as they’d all have their own agendas.

“You talk to players all day,” he added. “Those that aren’t playing will blame those that are.

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“Those that are will blame someone else. The manager has been sacked. It’s up to me to make my own decisions.”

The 65-year-old admitted that he was stunned at how bad QPR have started the season and had thought that the first game, a 5-0 defeat against Swansea, was a banker for them.

“I’m like everybody,” he explained. “Mark was shocked when he saw the Southampton game.

“I thought they’d beat Reading at home.

“They started off being beaten 5-0 by Swansea when they brought a load of players in when I thought they’d do well. QPR were my banker to beat Swansea.

“That’s how it’s gone unfortunately.”

The defence has been problematic during the season, conceding 26 goals so far this campaign – an average of two a game and Redknapp is looking to resolve this concern.

“It’s finding a way of giving them some protection,” he explained.

“It’s fine when we haven’t got the ball. We need to be hard to break down.”