Raheem Sterling launches foundation at former school in Wembley

Raheem Sterling foundation

Raheem Sterling unveiled his foundation at his former school, Wembley's Ark Elvin Academy, this afternoon (November 16) - Credit: The Raheem Sterling Foundation

Raheem Sterling has officially launched his charitable foundation at Wembley's Ark Elvin Academy. 

The boy from Brent was back on his old stomping ground this afternoon - Tuesday, November 16 - to unveil The Raheem Sterling Foundation, which aims to improve social mobility for young people in London, Manchester and Kingston, Jamaica.

Raheem said: “My journey to date has been well documented but nothing would have been achievable without belief, family, great mentors and the opportunities I have embraced.

Raheem Sterling foundation

Manchester City footballer Raheem says he wants his foundation to 'help young people achieve and be the best they can be'. - Credit: The Raheem Sterling Foundation

"My foundation is built on my experiences, successes and the many challenges I overcame, I now want to help young people achieve and be the best they can be.”

The prodigious footballer keeps Brent close to his heart.

Raheem's exploits at this year's Euro 2020 tournament elevated his hero status even further in the eyes of locals.

Today's launch dialled that up another notch.

Raheem Sterling foundation

The Foundation’s core approach will centre around education, employment, enterprise, creativity, personal development, accountability and social mobility. - Credit: The Raheem Sterling Foundation

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council said: “Raheem, our boy from Brent, has accomplished so much since he and his family moved to our borough many years ago.

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"His actions have inspired many people around the country and he is a great role model for our young generation."

The foundation is driven by 'The Power of 7', incorporating the vital parts of its approach: education, employment, enterprise, creativity, personal development, accountability and social mobility.

Raheem Sterling foundation

Raheem pictured with pupils and mum Nadine at today's unveiling. - Credit: The Raheem Sterling Foundation

Pupils at Raheem's former school first met the footballer at Wembley Park in front of the recently unveiled Olympic Steps, before walking down the transformed Olympic Way.

On the way, they visited seven plinths - each a reference to The Power of 7 - and learned all about the Brent hero; why he created this foundation, and what he hopes for its future.

The principal at Ark Elvin Academy, Rebecca Curtis, described Raheem as an "inspirational role model".

"The launch of the foundation is an exciting opportunity for our children to learn from Raheem directly and see what can be achieved despite the challenges that he faced," she said.

Today, the footballer also announced two fully funded initiatives - in collaboration with Headspace and The Promise Foundation - which will deliver mentoring programmes across the borough starting at the Ark Elvin Academy.

Raheem grew up on St Raphael's Estate in Neasden. He attended Oakington Manor Primary School before going to Copland Community School – now Ark Elvin.

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