Queen’s Park TV star Anna Richardson backs new campaign by The Mayhew Animal Home

Anna Richardson backs The Mayhew's campaign

Anna Richardson backs The Mayhew's campaign - Credit: Archant

Charity in Kensal Green is urging pet owners to be more responsible

Anna Richardson backs The Mayhew's campaign

Anna Richardson backs The Mayhew's campaign - Credit: Archant

A television presenter has backed a campaign by an animal charity which is urging owners to protect their pet’s health.

Anna Richardson, who lives in Queen’s Park, has joined with The Mayhew Animal Home for their first dedicated Pet Health Awareness month this July.

The charity rescue centre in Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, has decided to take action and launch a month of activity as a result of the rising problems of poor health, neglected and abandoned pets.

During the Pet Health Awareness Month, the charity will be calling on owners to consider whether they are doing all they can to protect their pet by feeding them the right foods and ensuring they are vaccinated against diseases.

Ms Richardson said: “I have presented several health-related programmes and have seen just what a grave effect a poor diet can have on a person’s whole lifestyle. Some pet owners just don’t think that a healthy diet for a healthy life also extends to animals.

“That’s why I am supporting The Mayhew’s Pet Health Awareness Month and encouraging pet owners to attend their Nurses Clinic for a pet M.O.T and for weight checks and diet advice.”

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The Mayhew made headlines earlier this year with their ‘sex card’ neutering campaign to highlight the pet overpopulation crisis currently overwhelming charities in the UK.

They have vowed to continue to focus on the impact of un-neutered pets on the animals’ health and also how it contributes to the rise of stray dogs and cats in the capital.

Caroline Yates, The Mayhew’s CEO, said: “The infamous saying that Britain is a nation of animal-lovers is sadly something The Mayhew feels it must question as we are seeing more animals arrive with us after their owner has neglected their basic health needs. Flea allergies, obesity, dental and ear infections are just a few of the ailments we see which have got out of control and caused major health issues, simply because their owners have not sought help.

“Charities can no longer continue picking up the pieces as a result of irresponsible pet ownership and we hope that this awareness month will do much to highlight the importance of protecting our pets.”

To book low cost neutering an vaccination appointments at The Mayhew’s Vet Clinic, please call 020 89698 2447 or email vetclinic@mayhewanimalhome.org