Queen’s Park’s oldest resident is given a festive treat

Donations handed out to 107-year-old and other elderly neighbours

Generous children delivered festive food parcels to pensioners living week including Queen’s Park’s oldest resident, who is 107.

Donations of groceries had been piling up at Queen’s Park Primary School and Ark Atwood Primary Academy since the call went out from residents’ group, Campaign for Queen’s Park Community Council, which organised the project called Caring is Sharing.

The group wants to set up a parish council which will focus on tackling local issues and improving vital services including healthcare, housing, employment and crime prevention.

The children painted and decorated boxes for their special winter hampers and May Brinkley, who is 107, was first on the list for a delivery.

Kimberley Durrance, 28, an early years educator at Queen’s Park Primary, co-ordinated the project with her mum, community activist Angie Durrance. Kimberley said: “The project has drummed up lots of compassion. The children were really eager to help and make their donations as nice as they could.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn that Christmas is a time for giving.”

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Emma Sweeney, a carer and vice-chair of the Campaign for Queen’s Park Community Council, said: “With care packages for old people being cut back due to budget constraints, now more than ever is the time for all of us to look out for the older and more vulnerable people in our communities.

“There are a large number of isolated people in the Queen’s Park area who have real difficulty affording treats even at Christmas.

“Projects like this one are the reason why we want a community council in Queen’s Park - to bring a bit more community spirit back to the area. They cost pennies but can give so much joy. It’s just about the organisation.”