Queen’s Park resident wins parking dispute thanks to the Times

Cordelia Uys is demanding an apology from Brent Council. Picture credit: Jan Nevill

Cordelia Uys is demanding an apology from Brent Council. Picture credit: Jan Nevill - Credit: Archant

A Queen’s Park resident has won a parking dispute battle with Brent Council after the Times intervened.

Cordelia Uys, of Kempe Road, was fined after parking her car near her home in a suspended bay which was not clearly marked.

Mrs Uys argued that a sign put up due to road works was not in sight as it was 50 yards away from where she parked.

After Cllr Muhammed Butt, Brent Council’s leader, read Mrs Uys’ story in the Times, he ordered Serco, the authority’s parking company, to cancel the penalty.

On hearing the £110 fine is cancelled, Mrs Uys said: “I’m very very glad.

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“I was waking up in the night feeling distressed by the unfairness of it all.”

But Mrs Uys is convinced the council’s actions on August 21 were deliberate and she is demanding an apology.

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When the council initially refused to uphold Mrs Uys complaint, it claimed the suspension sign was just 15 yards away.

The council provided Mrs Uys with photographic “evidence” of the suspension sign but she disputed the location of the image.

“It’s quite clear from the decor of the windows that the photo was taken outside 100 Kempe Road,” said Mrs Uys.

“Our car was parked outside number 74, so that’s 13 houses and two lamp posts away from where our car was parked.”

“The window shapes are different.

“I don’t think it was poor signage, I strongly believe it was on purpose.

“They provided the wrong photo.

“That makes me boil with rage.”

“I still think my husband and I are owed an apology.

“I think that what they (the council) did was dishonest.”

Cllr Butt said: “People should always feel that they can come to me if they feel they have been unfairly treated.

“I work for the citizens of Brent and am happy to discuss any concerns they may have or issues they feel are important.

“In this instance, I stepped in to ensure that one of our residents got a fair outcome from a situation in which she was an unfortunate victim of poor signage.”

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