Queen’s Park man found guilty of masterminding �2million ‘cash for crash’ insurance fiddle

Court hears six-strong gang staged more than 120 fake smashes

A company director from Queen’s Park man has been found guilty of masterminding a �2million ‘cash for crash’ insurance fiddle.

Mohammed Samsul Haque, 26, of Lydford Road, and five other men carried out the fraud which saw them submit more than 120 insurance claims for car crashes that never took place.

Southwark Crown Court heard the gang staged ‘crashes’ in their business premises before making insurance claims for services that were not provided such as recovery and storage.

They also claimed for non-existent courtesy cars costing as much as �350 a day.

Between November 2005 to October 2008, the gang used a number of London based accident management companies, which help motorists with insurance claims, to hide their activities.

The court heard Haque established Motor Alliance in Tottenham, north London to handle the fraudulent claims which were predominately involving a low and a high value car.

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The low value car was also ‘at fault’.

A claim would be made against the insurance of the cheaper vehicle so the fraudsters could pocket as much money as possible.

Following a bogus crash, if a car was not ‘damaged enough’ Haque and another defendant would use smash it further with a baseball bat.

Insurance companies paid out �1.91m in total with the gang pocketing �1.17 for themselves.

Yesterday (Wednesday), Haque and the five other men were convicted of conspiracy to defraud and will be sentenced next month.

Detective Superintendent John Hollands, investigating officer, said:

“This scam has a knock on effect on insurance companies who pass the cost on to the motorist. So the real victims of this crime are you and I - everyone who pays motor insurance in this country.

“If you are involved in this type of crime, you can expect to be caught.”