Queen’s Park is one of the most ‘cheat-friendly’ areas in London

Neighbourhood has one of the highest membership for controversial website AshleyMadison.com

Queen’s Park has the eighth highest number of residents in London who are members of a controversial dating website promoting extra-martial affairs.

The neighbourhood is one of the most ‘cheat-friendly’ in the city following research by AshleyMadison.com into the geographical location of its 230,000 London members.

Launched ten years ago on the eve of Valentine’s Day, the website is believed to be the biggest in the world for cheating partners.

Residents in Richmond, south west London, top the league of shame.

AshleyMadison.com founder and CEO Noel Biderman said: “The City has long had a reputation for breeding infidelity and it may come as a revelation to many that affairs are commonplace in more affluent, family-orientated areas.

“City professionals aren’t the only people that have the desire to spice up their relationship by indulging in extra-marital affairs, and bored housewives often fall in to the trap themselves.”

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Top ten of most cheating neighbourhoods according AshleyMadison.com

1 Richmond

2 Hampstead

3 Notting Hill

4 The City

5 Wandsworth

6 Chelsea

7 Chiswick

8 Queen’s Park

9 Putney

10 Greenwich