Queen’s Park community radio station needs you now

Month-long media project started today and wants residents to get involved

A community radio station has taken overr the airwaves today (Monday) and wants members of the public to get involved.

The project was set up by youth group The Avenues 16 years ago which has been at the heart of the Queen’s Park community since 1979.

Every February, the group secures a one month FM radio broadcast license and runs Avenues FM 87.7 – a radio station run for young people.

Members of the local community will be invited into the studio and handed over the mic to talk about issues which are important to them.

This year representatives from groups including Just for Kids Law, Paddington Arts, Twilight Bey, Westminster Drug Project, Core Trust and CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) will speak.

Dan Taylor, from CALM, said: “We are delighted to be backing Avenues FM and their programme of community led broadcasts in February and March.

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“As a new men’s suicide prevention campaign covering inner north-west London, we are keen to get our message across to young men in different communities and we’re glad Avenues are helping us do that.”

The Avenues’ team of presenters will be discussing issues which most affect our community through engaging interviews and debates.

The broadcast started today and finishes on March 4.

For more information about how to get involved visit the website www.avenues.org.uk or email carol@avenues.org.uk