QPR legend and former England goalkeeper breaks world record outside Wembley Stadium

David Seaman and Gavin Henson make the biggest catch

A FORMER England goalkeeper proved he has held on to his catching skills by breaking a world record in Wembley.

David Seaman and Welsh rugby player Gavin Henson have entered the record books after catching a ball thrown from 102.5 meters above the Wembley Stadium on Monday.

The pair’s achievement launched ‘Spots V Stripes’ the biggest game of catch in the UK organized by Cadbury to see how playful the nation really is.

Gavin represented the Spots and David the Stripes as balls were drooped from a great height with three chances for them to make a catch.

The week long game allows participants to pass 100 purple balls around the country and see how far they travel for charity and they also have a chance of winning �5,000.

David, who also played for Arsenal and QPR, said: “Catch is fun; it’s what I did for a living!

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“Playing is a great way to unite people in time for Christmas.

“Knowing that your pass will support communities at grass roots level is hugely motivating.

“You never know where the next England keeper might be lurking!”

Each of the 50 Spotty and 50 Stripey balls will contain a GPS system so people can follow their path in real-time at www.spotsvstripes.com/catch and play.

The ball that travels the furthest with the most passes will win.

For more information please visit www.SpotsvStripes.com/Catch.

The game ends on December 13.