QPR chairman Tony Fernandes is keen to re-enter talks with Cargiant about building a new stadium at Old Oak Common

An image of QPR's new stadium, which is planned as part of the Old Oak Common development

An image of QPR's new stadium, which is planned as part of the Old Oak Common development - Credit: Archant

QPR chairman Tony Fernandes is eager to hold talks with Cargiant regarding plans to build a new stadium at Old Oak Common.

Rangers released a press statement two weeks before Christmas in 2013 outlining plans to leave Loftus Road with the hope of playing at a new ground in 2018.

The statement sparked panic throughout the Harlesden based car supermarket with staff concerned they would be losing their jobs.

Cargiant managing director Tony Mendes told the Brent & Kilburn Times last year that the offer put forward for their land by the club made it a non-starter.

Cargiant have since started making their own redevelopment plans on their 47 acre plot of land and stated that they are not interesting in holding further discussions with QPR.

Fernandes however remains confident the two can come to an agreement.

He said: “I think it has been portrayed and maybe by them [Cargiant], that it is them against us. That is not the way business runs.

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“There is X amount of land and then there is one master plan, so it could be you do this bit, I do this bit, you do this bit and I do this bit.

“I think life is too short and let’s find a situation where everyone wins.”

QPR’s initial approach did little to enhance the relationship between the two parties but Fernandes is convinced an agreement can still be struck.

He said: “There is never a right approach if you don’t want it to be the right approach.

“People in the end will see common sense, in the end.Unless he [Geoff Warren] takes a hard stand, I take a hard stand, and then we are screwed. The important thing is, he says he wants to move out - he supports it.

“Everyone there says, ‘this is going to happen’ - big step forward. It is matter of sharing out the cake.Some guy wants all the cake, I’m saying, let’s put our heads together and make a bigger cake.

Fernandes added: “Of course it is difficult - it’s hard, but has anything been easy for QPR?”

QPR could look to build a stadium elsewhere in west London or on another part of land at Old Oak Common but Fernandes still wants to build more than just a stadium.

He said: “We’ve got to have a bigger plan.

“Their view is a new stadium would devalue the price of the land, my view is that it would enhance it.

“Our idea of the stadium is that it is the heartbeat of that development - it is a job creator. A football stadium isn’t just used for 18 matches in a season. Lots of things can be done around it.

“I think both of us can win - it is viable.

“The Mayoral Development Corporation has been set, everything is in motion and it is coming to a head.”

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